Access To Code, Binghamton University

Youth Coding Education Starts Here.

Free educational coding resources for parents and teachers to support the future of our youth.

The Next Generation

Our team at Access To Code wishes to provide high-value STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) resources for our youth.

We Support Parents And Educators.

Access To Code, an initiative spearheaded by Binghamton University’s Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership Department, is maintained by professional educators with decades of experience. Our materials are created and distributed free-of-charge; however, we must respect the privacy of our students.

At the moment, many of our resources are reserved for professional educators and parents of students in our participating school districts. We will also publish resources that are accessible to the general public.

Public Resources

Aside from the resources reserved for educators and parents of children in our participating school districts, we also publish STEM resources for the general public. See below.