about Us

Learn more about Access to Code aims to empower young learners through accessible and engaging coding education.

Our Goals

The project is aimed at introducing pre-K students throughout Broome County, NY to the concept of coding. We believe that early exposure to concepts helps build interest in the area as well as gives them a strong conceptual base to build on in the later schooling years. We design modules taking into consideration the need for concrete experiences (and limited abstraction) for conceptual understanding. We have also seen that pre-coding activities help in other curricular areas such as literacy.

An important goal of our effort is to give students with disabilities exposure to coding. Evidence shows that very few students with disabilities take up careers in STEM. This project aims to create access by exposing students to coding activities at an early age.

Career Paths

Coding education at an early age can have a transformative impact on a child’s future career prospects. By learning how to code, children develop computational thinking skills and gain a deeper understanding of how technology works. These skills are not only useful in the tech industry, but in virtually every sector of the economy. In fact, many high-paying jobs today require some level of coding knowledge, from finance and healthcare to engineering and manufacturing.

Moreover, coding education can expand a child’s imagination and inspire them to explore new career paths they may not have considered before. With coding skills, children can create their own websites, apps, and games, and even start their own businesses. They can also use their coding skills to solve real-world problems, from climate change to social inequality. By introducing coding education at an early age, we can empower children to pursue their passions and unlock their full potential, no matter what career path they choose to pursue. The potential career paths that children can pursue with coding knowledge are vast and varied, and the examples listed below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Our partner

At Access to Code, we are proud to partner with Binghamton University, one of the top public colleges in New York State, to support our shared mission of making computer science education more accessible to children in Broome County. Through this partnership, we are able to tap into the expertise and resources of Binghamton’s world-class departments and work together to develop innovative coding curriculum and programs for elementary school students. By combining our strengths and leveraging our networks, we hope to create a sustainable model for computer science education that can be replicated across the region and beyond. Our collaboration with Binghamton University is a testament to our commitment to bridging the digital divide and empowering the next generation of coders.